Moderate climate and ample rain make Evans County a natural home for agribusiness. Row crops such as corn, peanuts, soybeans, and cotton thrive in our rich farmland making it an ideal place for agribusinesses including Buurma Farms and Wilbanks Apiaries.

Food Processing

Claxton is known as the Fruitcake Capitol of the World and Evan's County is home for several impressive food processors including Claxton Poultry. With large water capacities, natural gas, two five-lane highways, and the state of the art Claxton Cold Storage in town, Evans County is an ideal location for food processors.

Forestry-Related Industries

Tall pine tree forests and hardwoods grow abundantly in Southeast Georgia, making Evans county an ideal home for forestry related industries. Saw mills and wood pellet manufacturers are a perfect fit for our industrial park with its excellent infrastructure and available transportation resources.


Manufacturing requires a skilled workforce, high capacity utilities, and infrastructure to move raw materials and finished product. Our industrial park features three-phase power, water capacity, rail connection to two Class 1 rails, and two five-lane highways in close proximity to the fastest growing port in the US.